Awesome, right?! Everyone that has heard this (that had seen LOST anyway…) have wanted to be a part of it, whether it be the girl who helps me at the dress shop to the ladies showing me rings… And of course they ALL want to see pictures. So, so far it seems like a good idea (in theory anyway). LOST is awesome. We (my fiance of sorts and I) are awesome. Weddings are awesome. Perfect. Obviously we have some ideas of things we want (Dharma table names, fish biscuit favors…), but when you really think about how intricately woven LOST is, and how intricately woven weddings are when they DON’T have such a ridiculously awesome theme… you realize that this is going to be one interesting feat to pull off. And how to do it without it being all about LOST and losing yourselves in it… OR losing the LOST so it just looks like you’re having some kitschy tropical luau themed wedding (which a Hawaiian honeymoon to the Island where they filmed LOST certainly wouldn’t help…..*we may save this one for an awesome anniversary trip instead and do something strictly US for our Honeymoon…)? Anyway. This is where I will post the ideas and the plans and the vendors and businesses I intend to use, and well, pretty much EVERYTHING I plan to do #1 So I can keep up with it all and look at images, etc. at the same time (instead of ONLY using a notebook), #2 So the wedding party, etc can keep up with things as well (and learn a bit about LOST since I do not think any of them have actually seen the entire series…), #3 So I can compare and contrast the original plans and how they evolved to give me the actual Wedding, and #4 So I can maybe inspire some other super awesome brides out there, whether it be with LOST ideas or just wedding planning in general. So anyway. Here goes.