So there are several great things about a LOST wedding–Many different venue options (outside, at a park, Botanical Gardens, fallout shelter *Preferred, industrial type of site), Bamboo is CHEAP/FREE cause it grows everywhere and most people hate it and would love for someone to come cut it down for free, It doesn’t need to be super girly (which absolutely isn’t me), Flowers can be used sparingly but still be used to great effect….

But the Cons…. How in the world to do you base a FORMAL/SEMI-FORMAL wedding affair on a TV show that is based off of a Plane Crash onto a tropical island where most of it’s inhabitants live in bamboo “huts” (except when they are in the 1970’s… which, who doesn’t want a 70’s wedding?! (*this girl))…. So you have to find some balance. Something thatĀ emulatesĀ the overall feel of LOST instead of a true representation. I believe I have found some ways of doing this. I have found a particular style of dress that goes with everything…and the wedding party will not be a problem. We already have the food sorted out as well (or at least the plan for the food anyway)…And outdoor weddings… What about bathrooms? What about food prep? Unless you find a farm, but then the natural elements are going to become rustic and country instead… And I am absolutely not going for that!

Another problem I have to address is the fact that I look like I am 12. Well, 17-19 really (I am actually 25). So finding a dress that makes me actually look like a WOMAN getting married instead of a teenager going to prom is a huge deal.

That’s just to name a few! But now that we have some specific things to address, we have our mission!